Ghost Mannequin Service

ghost mannequin

What is ghost mannequin service?

Ghost mannequin service is also known as invisible manikin service. We use this to capture various product pictures within a short period. We use ghost mannequin service to give a 2D or 3D effect to many garments. It can be implemented on shirts, cardigans, jackets, swimsuits, etc.
At first, photographers capture standard manikins wearing various garments from all the angles. Then, they remove the background and dummy from the photos captured before. Editing was done with any software to create a futile or ghost effect. For this, you should hire an image editing team which specializes in such services. Some of the ghost manikin Photoshop services provided by photo editors are:

  • Combining the front and back garment
  • Adjusting the white balance
  • Removing the background
  • Removing the manikin
  • Enhancing colors
  • Highlighting the texture and style

ghost mannequin serviceGhost Mannequin Service

Also, ghost manikin service removes not only the mannequin but also the dust, spots, and dump. Thus, it gives a natural looking appeal of the garments to customers. This app can help them envision themselves wearing those garments.

How to add a ghost mannequin to your image?

Using Ghost manikins for your product is a cost-effective way to promote your products. Sometimes, manikins can be distracting for which ghost mannequin service is a savior. If you want to add a ghost manikin effect to your image, you will need to follow these following steps:

Posing a model or mannequin

It is not always attractive to promote the product through a dummy or a model. That is why retailers want the manikins and models to seem invisible. To add a ghost mannequin, you will first need to capture products worn by mannequins. Dummies should be done from various angles. Our service is to show the unique shape and fit of each product. You must use a static pose for real models and tie up the long hair. manikin helps in getting the view right. The garment worn by the model or manikin should fit.

High-quality photography

To execute ghost mannequin technique you need to hire high-quality reproduction. If you lower the quality of the product, less will be the ghost manikin effect on these images. When you take a picture of any product, make sure you place the camera in front of the area you are photographing. Also, ensure that the background is white.

Step 1

After the photography, import these photographs to your computer. Open up Photoshop, and then follow these steps:
Open the image of manikin shot as well as top-down photoshop image. Then take the manikin photo and start creating a layer for the background. Fill the sheets with white color, which will act as a background for the product. You can also label the layers for avoiding confusion.
Next, you should select your manikin dress using your favorite Photoshop selection tool.
Now, you have both the product and manikin. You must cut the dummy and the background without disturbing the product. Go to select menu and use refine edge tools to improve the edges and mask, to gain a clean finished look.

Step 2

After refining, repeat the first three steps you did with your manikin image. We see that one picture dressed on a manikin and the other image was taken flat down without a manikin. This will help you to understand the back of the product. After removing the manikin, it will appear like a perfect ghost illusion.
Now is the time to combine images. Both the photos must have clean and tight masks. By dragging the hood over the manikin image, arrange the layers from top to bottom. Adjust the positioning of the top-down layer and place it behind the manikin.
After this, remove the unwanted parts of the top layers. Hide the manikin layer now. And that’s how you add a ghost manikin to your image.

When to use ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequins come up with a lot of benefits. You should know when to use it so that you can make your business improve. When your product images improve, you will reap the benefits of increased sales. Thus, these dummies must be used when:

  • You want to save your time and money as it is very cost effective. There is no need to waste your time sourcing for the right models to fit your product easily.
  • You want to bring about brand messages for the product. Using ghost mannequin, your brand can build up loyalty with the customers.
  • You want to present clearest and stunning apparel images to your customers.
  • You want to display product in stores, as well as ghost photography.
  • Retail stores use this software to differentiate themselves from other competing businesses.
  • You want a superior level of strength and durability while maintaining a low weight.
Ghost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin Service

When not to use ghost mannequin

One must not use Ghost mannequin service when:

    • You don’t want to spend extra time on post-production work and image compounding.
    • You don’t want to get confused among a wide range of dummies.
    • Also, these wide ranges of the dummy can be expensive.
    • You don’t want styling to fit dummy properly.

Describe ghost mannequin

A ghost mannequin is not anything that is Halloween themed. This term originates from a special type of photography known as ‘ghost photography’. Brands and retailers use this app to cut the background from their product images. A ghost dummy has the ability to remove the arms, neck and other appendages. This makes the product appear to be floating. It doesn’t cover the inside view of the product neck. It shows the proper product with full details like inside color and inside tag. This contains various details about the product.

invisible effect

The software helps in achieving the invisible effect faster than the traditional ways. It is a smart one- time investment which will give your product depth. Ghost dummies contribute to a high-profit margin. Higher quality images will lead to increased sales and satisfaction of customers. Further, there are various benefits of a ghost dummy which are as follows:

  • It uses high-quality fiberglass which has a high amount of durability.
  • These dummies offer an adjustable base. This results in a greater level of customization and ease of use.
  • It creates stunning product images to share on social media for their customers.
  • It can be used for a physical paper catalog.

Neck joint service

Addition of the neck part on the images that maintain consistency in design is Neck Joint service. It also maintains consistency in design, shape, size, and color. It is also known as image manipulation. Store, chains, manufacturers, e-commerce shop use this technique for sale. It measures the designs and shape of necks. It displays the final image according to the normal dimensions.
Neck joint services deliver a high-quality image of the product. It works amazingly well on a transparent background. These images can are often used by e-commerce for sale and print advertising to add front part and back part of the neck. Neck joint services are of following types:

  • scarf showing,
  • jewelry presentation,
  • hoodie jackets and sleeves.

Here are some tips of neck joint service that will prove to be very helpful. These are as follows:

  • Shadows
  • Using texture
  • Color blending
  • Picking up stock images
  • Rendering the images

Sleeves joint service

Sleeves joint service removes dummy from a hollow part of the sleeves. It gives it a ghost effect. This technique is applied to long sleeved t-shirts, jackets, to give them a futile and 3D effect. After removing the dummy and filling the empty space, you join the sleeves. This is how the product will appear clear and natural to customers. It will also give a high amount of satisfaction to them.

How do we do this?

It is done by following these steps:

  • In the beginning, we use a transparent dummy. It combines the front and inner part of the product.
  • You can use this later. After that, apply the clipping path to the front and inner part by joining them. This results in the disappearance of the background.
  • At last, the inner part becomes foggy and out of focus. Thus, the customers are not able to see the inner part of the product.
  • Apply the effect of retouching, color correction, contrast, and sharpening. This creates a real and clear view.
  • Thus, the product appears to be more attractive to the customers. This will increase sales and contribute to the levels of high-profit margin.
Ghost Mannequin Service

Bottom joint service

The long-tailed garments use Bottom joint service. Some garments worn by the dummy or model may have the back part longer than that of the front part. For removing the dummy from such a product, designers have to join bottom part in  Photoshop. Proclipping,  LLC Company is a professional image manipulation service. With 30 years of experience, it provides high-quality image manipulation.

Ghost Mannequin Service FAQ

what is 3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects?

3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects

Even the”ghost mannequin” impact, also called the”invisible manikin, “3D manikin,” or”hollow guy,” is an easy and powerful post-production method for attire product photography that solves the showcase issue.

How Do 3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects?

3D/360° Packshot Ghost Mannequin Effects

Producing the 3D/360° Ghost manikin Impact –

1. Selecting and Posing a Model or manikin.
2. First, catch a front and rear view of your product being worn by your manikin or model.
3. Then, style and hang your merchandise on a piece of white foam board and picture both front and back views again.
4. These foam plank shots allow you to incorporate the interior regions of the garment as soon as you combine the pictures.
5. Installation and Equipment.
6. Photographing the Product.

what is Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin?

Bottom Joint On Ghost manikin

The Photoshop effect is put on the long tail garment objects. Some items might have the back part longer than the front part viz Composer Tuxedo. Eliminating manikin from this type of product, the designers have to join the underside part in Photoshop.

what is Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin?

Sleeves Joint On Ghost manikin 

Sleeves joint service eliminates manikin in the hollow region of the sleeves. It gives it a ghost effect. This technique is employed to extended sleeved t-shirts, coats, to provide them a futile and 3D effect. After eliminating the manikin and filling the vacant space, you combine the sleeves.

what is Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects Editing Service?

Photoshop Ghost manikin Effects Editing Service

Photoshop ghost manikin effect, another named of throat joint service means the process that allowing you to hide your manikin coating and express your clothes product image. It is one of the most in-demand image editing tactics, applied to clear or combine the neck to some other picture.

what is Invisible Mannequin?

Invisible Mannequin

Ghost manikin— or imperceptible manikin photography — is commonly used by retailers and brands to offer their products a 3D, hollow man impact.

How Do Invisible Mannequin?

Invisible Mannequin

Creating an Invisible Mannequin – 

1. Open Your Documents in Photoshop and Create Layers.
2. Use a Selection Tool to Select the Product from the Mannequin Image.
3. Refine and Set Your Mask.
4. Rinse and Repeat Previous Steps with the Foam Board Image.
5. Combine the Pictures.
6. Eliminate Unnecessary Parts of this Foam Board Layer.
7. Add Shadows and Save.

How Do Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects Editing Service?

Ghost Mannequin Effects Editing Service

In Photoshop, Creating Ghost manikin Effects Editing Service – 

Taking manikin Shots: If you do not own a mannequin accessible, you may use an individual model. If using a female version, be sure her hair is out of the way and no hanging extended earrings.

3D Picture Testing: To make the ideal effect the procedure will involve blending two product pictures – 

Step one: Applying Photoshop to open the files to create layers.
Step two: Choosing a manikin dress using a tool.
Step three: Assessing and masking.
Step four: rinse and repeat.
Step five: blending images.
Step six: remove unwanted parts.
Step seven: add your shadows.

How Do Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin?

Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Producing the Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin

1. Selecting and Posing a Model or Mannequin.
2. First, catch a front and rear view of your product being worn by your mannequin or model.
3. Then, style and hang your merchandise on a piece of white foam board and picture both front and back views again.
4. These foam plank shots allow you to incorporate the interior regions of the garment as soon as you combine the pictures.
5. Installation and Equipment.
6. Photographing the Product.

what is Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin?

Neck Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint is generally cloth and wears an established picture service. Mannequin for clothes is widely utilized to enhance the display products and photographers utilize dummies or dolls to select the shot so that it sounds like whenever the cloth or wear has been on an individual body.

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