What should I do as a new client?

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To start finally- just click on “START NOW” (link) from the menu. Then choose the service you need. For example if you need Clipping Path Service then mark it by clicking. After marking click Next Step. Then choose the feature you want to add with the selected service. As you choose Clipping Path Service, you can choose Watermark feature or Remove Background feature. Then go to next step by clicking “Next Step”. Now choose the time frame. Select anyone considering your urgency. Proceed to next step. Choose the number of image from the slide stick. Now you can proceed for uploading the images u have. You can paste Dropbox link, Google drive link or FTP server details. Choose any one you have or feel secure with that.

You have completed the initial steps. Now proceed by feeling the form requires Name, E-Mail Address, Any messages if u have and credit card details. Finally, place the order.

Initially, you will get an order confirmation mail and SMS. And voucher. That’s all. Just some simple process.

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